Humble Beginnings

To best describe my experience as a web developer, drawing an analogy to the theory of evolution comes to mind. I like to think of my early days as a fumbling ape, lacking fundamental knowledge often resulting in fits of rage over seemingly mindless tasks.

As I progressed through the industry, I gathered tools & skills, allowing me to do more and reap greater rewards. As I journeyed further, I became more efficient, learning to code dynamically; allowing me the ability to make immense changes with minimal effort.

Unlocking Secrets of the Pros

However, real power did not come until I began to use libraries and tap into the power of existing platforms. At first, I was resistant, believing I could do better work alone, that the use of platforms like WordPress inhibited my creativity… but I was wrong.

Eventually I realized my belief was for lack of understanding and I began to form a new paradigm, one that realizes a platform does not limit you, it simply provides you additional tools. This was an exciting time for me because it was as if everything was new again, there was so much to learn. It was this new and rapid growth that marked the beginning of my shift from being a web designer, to a web developer.

The Journey Continues…

Today, I continue to evolve, gathering new skills and tools through my experience. Yet I remain hungry for more knowledge and thirsty for the opportunity to apply it.  In 2017 I joined Teamtreehouse and have been rapidly expanding my knowledge base.  You can check out my progress and areas of focus on my treehouse page.